Work in Progress

As of now I am an intern at a science museum =3

At the moment I’ve been tasked with designing [and eventually applying] 2 different Murals to the lobby—now here’s the thing, my focus is tied to what my supervisor tells me, so if any of the work is postponed or cancelled I’ll have to take it in stride [well until they ask me to continue…]

the first Mural is designed to go with a new Exhibit for Sustainable energy that will be coming later this year—bellow are two versions of a mockup I made, using the image I designed in a photo of the mural space:

Mural space mock up 3 for Journal

Mural space mock up 4 for journala

the second one was simplified from the first to allow me to play with colors more easily—the colors are all based on real colors found in the Golden acrylics site, I referenced Ultramarine Blue, Hansa yellow, Mars Yellow, and Permanent Green (light) for primary color flats. The rest are there to add definition


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