Holiday fancy


Merry ChristmasKwanzaHanukkah everyone—I haven’t been punctual, this time because they put me to work; This season I wrapped 80% of the presents opened yesterday—and made the mistake of drinking 2 1/2 cups of coffee and eating WHITE PASTA the  night before so I woke up with a headache…but it’s okay =]

the highlight of the morning? Dad saw the issues I was having with my computer, which as you all are aware [I’m assuming if not you’ll learn…] was physically trying to hang itself with it’s own cord for the past 6 months, so he asked me what specifics a computer for an artist would have—after seeing the minimum requirements for someone who uses a lot of memory, and needs a lot of storage [among other things] he found it a bit daunting since our usual method is find computer you like and buy it

In short I opened a big box Christmas morning and discovered….a cherry red Gaming computer :iconlachoirplz:

no really the specifics suggested for artists, especially those that make digital images is essentially that only used for art instead of games—my screen is wider and my resolution is much higher than before hopefully the performance will be better as well 8D



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