Challenge 2

Okay so it’s been a while since I’ve done anything interesting, so I suppose it’s time for another challenge; This time I’m doing 10 band mascots—this came to me because David Coverdale is now on my facebook feed which made me think about how many bands there are with animal mascots [i.e HUNDREDS]

since most people aren’t interested in just any old animal imagery these mascots are all generally in the same category think I have what it takes to represent these groups effectively? =3

KEY= Start

  1. White Lion 11/22/14
  2. Lamb Of God
  3. RATT
  4. Arctic Monkeys
  5. White Snake
  6. Scorpions
  7. Blue Oyster Cult
  8. Mastodon
  9. Steppenwolf
  10. Man of War



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