I Just realized…I’ve missed 9 days of Inktober [I can make an ink drawing in a heartbeat—I’m just too lazy to go all the way downstairs to scan it XD], in addition I intend to upload something special for Moleday [October 23, at 6:22 AM or PM] this year since I missed the last one, and lastly I’ve set my sights on supplementing the [moe]-stooges with one of my strips—-basically I’ll redraw a Curly short with [moe]-anime girls instead

I considered a version of Punch drunks where [Larry]is a vocaloid that gets pulled out of her program by [Moe] so she doesn’t have to haul a computer—where various antics cause her to malfunction and reboot until she’s too saped to even sing a song (never mind playing) and has to find something else that can

here’s a prototype costume design for her—she’s based off of an Electric violin :3

moeLarry miku style WIPAlthough that’s a bit of a stretch, since although I can draw Manga-style, I don’t like to draw tons of decorative accents if they serve no purpose other than “artistic license” [i.e useless accessories] so I doubt this will be the final idea—it was fun practice though X3


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