a vacation and a half

I have a splitting headache
I have a splitting headache

Where have I been?

well you asked for it:

recently [actually late August] got back from a crazy vacation in Dallas and Chicago, Amtrak decided that the week we left was the one they’d screw up; first we took two days to get to Chicago [because we left at midnight instead of 9:15] then we got there too late and missed our train to Dallas, so we had to take a train to Milwakee because Comicon was in town and there were no hotels available with 100 spare rooms, we spent the night in a hotel that was overpriced [299 dollars A NIGHT] and 30 minutes from the train station, ate a takeaway breakfast in the morning and then got on a train to take us back to Chicago…while the Dallas train was on time it took us 20 minutes to leave. It gets better; as we were going through Arkansas two freight trains derailed in front of our train and delayed us 6 extra hours meaning we didn’t get to Texas until 3 AM (that’s 4 days lost) and we still had six hours to go…sorry 12 because more delays, we got to Dallas at 4AM; too early for any services to pick us up [the conductors had to call ahead to tell the taxi services we would be there] we intended to spend the weekend and the week with my grandmother but only had 4 days after that nonsense—-after we left Gram’s house we had minimal trouble getting to Chicago and that visit was smooth sailing—went to the Field museum and saw their large collection of taxidermy, I got a brontosaurus from a mold maker machine, and we got to see giant animatronic insects in the soil exhibit—later we went to the Descartes cafe [!] for some tea and on the day we had to leave the hotel we had until 9 to catch the train so we walked around and visited Dick Blick, HnM and Berlington—when we got to the station the nonsense started again and we were there until midnight because our train needed a new engine [some of the mothers put their kids in pjs because something tells me they wanted to be prepared for that] we got home on the following Monday…
…as for the rest of August and September I’ve been doing a bit of everything; made Newton and Leibniz teddy bears [with Robert Hooke pending], found half a wardrobe buried in my closet while looking for a single coat, got sick again, and looked for more jobs—(seems that there’s a lot more of them in the beginning of fall)

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