Progress and reform

my mind’s like a monster made of randomized parts


well I’ve had 3 interviews so far hopefully one of them leads some where [if not I’ll keep looking]

speaking of work, while rearranging my portfolio these past couple of weeks I stumbled upon old projects of mine some finished and some abandoned—it made me realize how many projects, ideas, and artwork I did while away at school and elsewhere and you know? I wish I had scanned them in sooner…among the chaos was a collection of Dingbat comics, a comic about musical cavemen forming a band, my game project from 2010 including promo artwork and the guide for the game itself, two pin ups of the 4 horsemen designed to look like a Death metal band, and several of my ink drawings/comics that I made with a brush for fun—which is just scratching the surface

I’m aware of the reason why I have tons of stuff but nothing finished, it has to do with the fact that I have one million ideas and get attached to all of them X]—which is why every gallery I own looks like a random assemblage of items that only have a vague relationship to each other—I feel that now’s the time to start deciding where I want to go because although I love stuff—I hate clutter 8D


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