Challenge 1

I have an idea…how about I do a ten character challenge?

Very recently I joined a group on Deviantart where members post artwork based on mathematics or with programs that incorporate math in the creation process (such as Manelbulb3D) and seeing as how I had been drawing math toons I felt it was a good place to polish the skills I have—since you can’t get more abstract than math am I right?

anyhow I chose this group as basis for a project—I have here 10 mathematical functions that I intend to personify, one a day, for 10 days:

1.    Exponential function [START 6/15/2014]

2.    Trigonometric functions: sine, cosine, tangent

3.    Triangle wave

4.    Square wave

5.    Sawtooth wave

6.    Gudermannian function

7.    Nth root

8.    Heaviside step function

9.    Fresnel integral [error function/optics]

10.Beta function


here’s #1:

I'm my own derivative!
I’m my own derivative!

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